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Unable to run python scripts (.py extentions) in the DataLab from the terminal without using spy.login


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When I place python scripts (.py extenstion) in the DataLab project folder and try to run those scripts using the DataLab project terminal it throws an error saying to spy.login first. However I don't require spy login for running jupyter notebook files (.ipynb extention). I run test cases using python files, it would be nice feature to be able to run these test python scripts from the DataLab without doing a spy.login.

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  • Seeq Team

Hi Sivaji, have you played around with using the %run magic command in a datalab notebook to execute python files? For example, I can run test_spy_search.py using:

%run test_spy.search.py

This will pass through my authentication, so I don't have to login to execute spy functions.

Would that cover your use case, or is there additional functionality you're getting out of using the terminal?

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