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Improve workbook\datalabs naming conventions and navigation


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  • For datalabs - consider allowing an option to require users to fill out additional information (meta info) for data-labs workbooks.  Naming them just the  date doesn't allow for very easy change of name (i get started and forget to name the folder.
  • Consider looking at the tags used for each workbook and having that be a meta data that you could see by hovering over the workbook item in the main screen. 
  • Search capabilities to search workbooks etc 



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  • Seeq Team

Hi Eric - Thanks for the suggestions, all great ideas.  If you haven't already, please submit these ideas to support@seeq.com, as we do track feature requests there and will feed that info to our dev team.  You will then also be notified when those features are implemented.


Note that version tracking for Seeq Datalab projects will be improving in R58 with Git integration, which should make it easier to manage and track the scripts you are creating. https://seeq.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KB/pages/2436104292/What+s+New+in+R58

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