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Organizer Topic - AutoRefresh (where info is pushed from the DataLab) and a Screen Rotation View

Edwin Sutton

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Hi - we have some solutions where the datalab pushes html / pictures to an Organizer topic. Typically the push happens every 15 minutes.

Two requests 

1) This functionality may exist but can an organizer page auto-refresh on a frequency such as if someone was looking at 1 page it would update without needing to manually refresh the browser.

2) Could a view be shared so that when someone is in this view there is a rotation of selected screens e.g. rotating every 30seconds (configurable by the viewer or creator). e.g. This could enable a view with e.g. 3 screens relevant to a particular Manufactuing area to be displayed in that area on a common screen. The operators in the area would see the 3 displays rotating through.

Thanks in advance

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