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Welcome to the Seeq Add-on Developer Forum!



  • Seeq Team

This forum is intended to be a space for Seeq users to discuss and share information about developing Add-ons for Seeq. To ensure a positive and productive experience for everyone, please take note of the following guidelines:

  • This is a public forum, so please do not include sensitive or confidential information. While we encourage discussion and collaboration, please keep in mind that any information shared on this forum is accessible to the public.

  • The goal of this forum is to educate and help overcome problems related to developing Add-ons for Seeq. We encourage respectful and constructive dialogue, and ask that users refrain from any behavior that may be considered harassing, threatening, or discriminatory.

  • Before posting a question, please review the available resources. Seeq offers extensive documentation and tutorials, which can be found on the Seeq Support site. You may also find helpful resources in the Seeq User Forum, where you can search for previous discussions related to your question

  • When posting a question, please be as specific as possible. Provide details about your environment, the version of Seeq you are using, and any error messages you may be receiving. Including screenshots or code snippets can also be helpful in understanding the issue.

  • When responding to a question, please be respectful and helpful. Avoid personal attacks or dismissive comments, and instead focus on providing constructive feedback and assistance.

We hope you find this forum to be a valuable resource for developing Add-ons for Seeq. Thank you for your participation!

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