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Allow other standard date formats to be pasted into Seeq Workbench axis ranges

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I'd like to be able to paste a date into the the X axis range box in Seeq Workbench, but Workbench only allows one date format. For example, Workbench displays an error when I try to paste "2022-09-09 15:12:15-07:00" into the date entry box.

It would be helpful if Workbench would accept other standard date formats (especially/specifically ISO 8601



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mentioned ISO 8601
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  • Seeq Team

Hello Michael,

the time format in Seeq is dictated by the language settings of your browser. In Google Chrome for example, you can find it with these steps:

  • At the top right, click three dots then Settings.
  • On the left, click Languages.

Mine is Set to Have English (US) as prefer



So time format will follow : MM/DD/YYYY h:mm AM/PM

Let me know if this is helpful


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