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Custom Labels retention

Paul Kinghorn

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Based upon my experience, when Custom Off is selected, Seeq completely loses the Custom Labels text

  1. I selected "off" as I wanted to see data that was being overwritten by the label.
  2. I then tried undoing that step but Seeq apparently doesn’t record it.  Losing 12 lanes of custom labels – just because I wanted to temporarily turn them off was disappointing.
  3. Why not maintain the text just show it or not?
  4. Also, since Seeq has the tag description or formula name, why not give an option to autoload that text so it could then be edited?

Also, cannot the custom label stay with the tag so that when I change lanes the text moves?

I appreciate having the custom labels!

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  • Seeq Team

Hi Paul,

Losing the custom label text is not a good thing, I will log a request in our system to fix that, and I'll include the other suggestions.

It would probably be hard to get back to now, but I confirmed that clicking the Previous Workstep will restore the labels:


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