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Sum and Stackable Option in Workbench

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I was hoping for a new feature that sums up and stacks trends in Workbench that use the same units with one click. Currently this is possible, but it requires creating a Formula, and adding all the signals that we require. This process could be simplified by having a button on the workbench screen where the user can select all signals, and click a button that stacks them all up and sums them all. 

I feel that workbench is almost there. There is a function that combines all the signals in one lane, and an another that combines them all in one axis, we just need another one that does all of this but also sums all the selected signals that have the same units. 

Let me know if this is clear or if you would like more details.




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Guest Jon Peterson

Hi Juan, 

Our approach to Workbench is to get features as formulas, then build the panels for the common use case. To be clear, a possible use case is I have flow from 4 pipelines I want total into a single "total flow". Could you confirm that? 

This could be similar to stack bar chart. Say you totalize 4 flow meters daily, then you wanted a chart that had individual flows, plus the total indicated in the stacked bar chart. Would this be close to the your use case, or would be the actual signals rather than aggregated signal.

Thanks for posting here and I welcome other users to chime in if this is something they could use too. 


Jon Peterson

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