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Ability to Hide Trends


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Right now the only way to remove a stream from the Trend window is to delete it from Details.  But say I have 10 streams, and I want to take a quick look at how two of them relate.  If I want to temporarily isolate them I can 1) create a copy of the workbook and delete the other 8 2) save the 8 streams to Journal delete them, then bring them back 3) if I'm lucky and all 8 of them feed an calculation I have, then I can delete them and bring them back in from the Derived window 4) hope they all stay in my recent tags list.  It would be super useful if I could just Hide a stream from the Trend window.  Wouldn't that be so simple?

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  • Seeq Team

A new feature will be available in R21 to do just that. A "Dimming" icon will be available at the top of the display pane as a quick tool to toggle signals that are view-able so stay tuned. 

A few other potential workarounds for now: 

1) Put the 8 unwanted signals in 1 lane, and the two desired signals in another. This will clean-up your view but will still only allow utilization of half of your display pane.

2) Put all 10 signals in one lane, then select only the two signals you'd like to view to make the other 8  less visible. You also may need to uncheck the 'Show' column within Customize to remove the y-axis for all unwanted signals.

3) Scatter Plot View will also allow you to compare just two signals while keeping all 10 in the worksheet.

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  • Seeq Team

Thanks for the suggestion!

In our next major release (R21), we have implemented a feature that should make this significantly easier. In the trend, there is a new checkbox under "Dimming" called "Show only selected items". If it is selected for a worksheet, when you select one or more items from the trend only those items will be displayed. (See attached screenshot). It's not exactly what you describe since you do have to enable that mode for the worksheet.

Another option which would work in the current releases would be to use the "Previous" capability to go back to a previous state of the worksheet. You could remove the items from your trends, then you can bring them back by clicking the "Previous" arrow until all of your trends are back. Not ideal, but it is a workflow that should work today and involves fewer hoops that what you described.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 12.12.44 PM.png

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