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Import CSV - More Timestamp Formats Please


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Hi,  Apprciate SeeQ is focused on real time data souces but sometimes I want to import CSV data to show alongside PI data - currently SeeQ is limited in the timestamps it can import


There are many Excel formats but all have the date in the "month first" e.g. M/d/yyyy  format.

I can of course play around with the CSV before I import it to convert to another format, however the vast majority of data in Europe is in the dd/mm/yyyy format.  (and if I leave my data it in the "month first" format it's going to cause confusion for others usign it.

How about a more flexible import routine e.g. I can define a string defining the date format before the import somthign like

%d/%m/%Y %HH:%MM   or %dd-%mm-%yy  (if I have a different day month year delimiter etc.) 


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Guest Jon Peterson

Hi Carl,

We have many improvements planned for the CSV importer. The one that your are looking for is internally tracked as CRAB-8574. The plan is to support Excel time formats. 

Note, we do track requests like this by customer. That helps us prioritize and notify when completed. If you don't mind, could you share your company contact information? Feel free to email it to support@seeq.com

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  • Seeq Team

Hello Carl,

We've significantly improved the CSV Import tool to handle situations similar to yours. Feel free to look at the CSV Import 2.0 to learn more about some of the benefits. As for your particular issue of different date formats, we've added an option in Seeq Version 49 to import day first timestamps. This parameter can also be set at the server level by an admin so users won't have to keep customizing the CSV Import tool. 

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