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Calculating hourly Avg of a 1 second signal


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Hello, This might be a simple question but have not been ale to find help anywhere (Being a beginner).

I would like to know how to calculate hourly avg trend of a signal which is one sec interval.

What I am thinking is: 
Suppose signal is = $a

a) Create value search for hourly capsules? 

b) Taking avg of during those capsules using formula search?

However I would like the time range for this hourly avg to be dependent on time slider. Which means that sliding time should update the trend. 

Any help (Formula snippets) would be appreciated.


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This can be accomplished using a combination of Periodic Condition and Signal from Condition.  


1. First, use Periodic Condition to create the hourly capsules.


2. Use Signal from Condition to calculate the hourly average.


Please let me know if you have any additional questions.




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