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Setting time range in presentation mode via URL parameter

Thorsten Vogt

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  • Seeq Team


It is possible to override the display range in worksheets in edit, view, and presentation mode with the displayRangeStart and displayRangeEnd query parameters.

For example the url might look like:


However, these parameters don't support the same relative time functionality (*-14d or *) that the worksheet builder supports - only ISO 8601 timestamps. Does that support your use case?


Cody Ray

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  • Seeq Team

There are two other url parameters:

  • workstepId - normally loading a worksheet loads the latest workstep for a worksheet, this parameter will cause the workbench to load a specific workstep instead. I wouldn't recommend using this with edit mode
  • timezone - normally a worksheet uses the timezone of the user or the timezone set within it, this parameter overrides the timezone used within the worksheet (for example the x-axis on the trend)

These url parameters were developed so that we could link from topic documents that used date ranges to a worksheet that showed matching content for the same time range. That is why they haven't been documented in the knowledge base yet, but I have filed an internal work item to look into that (CRAB-14107 internally)

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