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Presentation mode without need to logon

Thorsten Vogt

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whenever I open a worksheet in presentation mode I am forced to logon to Seeq. Is it possible to open the worksheet without the need to logon to the system? As the user cannot change anything in presentation mode I want to use this view as part of a dashboard that any user can access. A logon is very annoying in this scenario. I allowed  "Everyone" view access within the ACL of the worksheet.



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Guest Jon Peterson

Hi Thorsten,

Thanks for your suggestion.

We have thought quite a bit about access to Seeq with no authentication, including discussions with customers. We decided to require a user login for all access to Seeq for the following reasons:

  1. Information Security. Many of our customers have policies that limit what data specific users may access.
  2. Seeq’s primary licensing is by user. We have several licensing programs that offer unlimited user access. Contact us at sales@seeq.com for more information on these programs. User authentication is always required even with these programs.
  3. SeeqCloud, the software-as-a-service version of Seeq, is accessed via the internet, and of course always requires users to authenticate.
  4. We are working on Mangement of Change (MoC) support in Seeq. MoC, which includes things like an audit database and item-level authorization. MoC makes using Seeq in compliance applications much easier; these applications of Seeq always require user authentication. 

Seeq also supports pdf and other exports which are other ways to get Seeq analyses and topics to personnel without authentication.  


Jon Peterson

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Hi Marcie

As Jon mentioned above Seeq’s primary licensing is by user. Therefore we do not offer having a report auto-generate and being emailed out to a whole organization (who may not have Seeq Licenses).  This is still a manual task that requires a user to go in and export the PDF to send out.  We are developing reports that will be updated and ready to go say at 7AM so that all you have to do is export the PDF from there (no waiting time for the data to load) to help simplify this process for our customers.

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