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Array of tags

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Is it possible to define an array of tags?

For example if we have a fluid, it might have a composition like:  5% methane, 10% ethane, 25% propane, 15% isobutane, 15% n-butane,  10% isopentane, 10% n-pentane, 10% hexane.  This is saved as eight separate tags.  Manipulating the data requires eight separate formulas.

It would be nice to put the composition into a single array.  Then a math operation could be applied to all of the data.  

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Guest Jon Peterson

Hi Adam,

I'd be curious to dig into this deeper. We could do a phone call, or if you could write some pseudo-code on how you would see this working. What is some of the math you would do on these signals? 

Arrays do come up and it's something we'll get in Seeq. The use case I know of can be explained with this example--

A boiler tube could be instrumented with equally spaced temperature sensors along the length, say 20 or so. This is twenty signals, but viewing the data as temperature vs. tube length is useful too. With the right tools and UI components it would be possible to work with the data in both time and tube length dimension. 


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