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Scorecard metrics default color scheme

Adam Georgeson

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New scorecard metrics default to:  2 thresholds with Red-Orange-Purple color scheme.  This is quite unusual and we delete it every time. 

We would prefer that new scorecard metrics default to: no thresholds and a plain color (white).  The user can add thresholds and colors if they are warranted by the data being displayed.




Scorecard Metric Default.png

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  • Seeq Team

Hi, great to hear your idea as we are working on this feature currently and this is valuable input.  I think the version we ware working on will address your needs.  First, the default "neutral" color will be white.  Second, there will be a customization endpoint that will allow an organization to specify exactly which thresholds are relevant for their organization.  For each threshold you will be able to specify name, color, and priority level. For example, you could configure just High and Low as red and the neutral priority as white.  We hadn't considered the idea of a metric that has no thresholds, but it's a perfectly valid use-case.  I will definitely consider your "build-up" approach instead of the current "winnow-down" approach.  It definitely makes the input form simpler and allows complexity to be added only as needed.  It may also not be clear that all thresholds are optional and we can look into clarifying that as well.

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  • 2 months later...

For rapid rollout, we are adding metrics without thresholds.  Many of our users are experienced in the plant and understand what the numbers mean.  Later, we can add thresholds as desired for greater clarity.  Even then, however, it is unlikely we will use a purple-orange-red color progression on the majority of metrics.  Thank you for considering the "build-up" approach instead.  



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