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Scatter Plot Data Cursor


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It would be wonderful if when you hover over data points on the scatter plot a cursor would appear with the values and date\time next to the dot, similarly to how the cursor works on the trend view. It would also be nice to be able to drop a cursor to keep a values highlighted as well (again like you can on the trend view). It is annoying that the only location the information is displayed is down in the details pane. Your eyes have to cover a lot of screen real estate to get the information for just one point of data.


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Hi Devin-

Unfortunately there is not currently a way to drop a cursor on the Scatter Plot, as you described.  However, this Feature Request is already logged as CRAB-22175.  I have opened a support ticket (SUP-26165) to link you to the feature request; this ensures that you will be notified of any progress towards its implementation.



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