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Prediction Tool - Multiple output signals option

Darren Steele

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When building predictions, it would save a lot of time if there was an option to select multiple outputs for the set of selected inputs.  Each new predicted signal will need a name field to define the output signal name.  At the moment, I have to configure a seperate prediction for each output signal.

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Hi Darren,

Can you give me a little more information about what you are trying to accomplish with multiple outputs? Given one set of selected inputs, are you hoping to create a prediction output for each scale (linear, logarithmic, polynomial, expanded basis) to compare against each other? 

Thank you,


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Hello Katie,

Thanks for the interest!

The multiple output signals are needed for a multivariate estimation technique to compare estimated (or expected) signal values with vs. actual values.  The prediction tool is used to calculate the estimated or expected signal value.    I then create conditions on the absolute deltas between he estimated outputs and their actuals to provide early warning anomaly detection of deviations away from expected values.

At the moment I need to build a seperate predictions to obtain the estimated signal for each output...    I have attached a pdf with some quick sketches and an example to help illustrate why this is needed to speed up anomaly detection config.








MET exmple.pdf

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