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  1. actually, i found that if we just define the variables as assets in a "group asset", and the different assets as signals it is possible to swap variables, so case solved 🙂
  2. Thanks, it works somehow. it's a matter of defining asset groups in a different way, and creating different asset groups and different workbenches. It's not a solution that would be easily implemented and used in 50 sites 😞 while it has a massive potential, the heat maps are nice, but not so insightful It would still be neater if it could be consolidated in one workbench, based on one PI tag file, much better scalable and used at local level, it seems so close to get it and i would still like to suggest to consider developing it
  3. Thank you, i'm glad there is a way. i was, however, expecting it could be easier. in this case we talk only about 4 assets and maybe 10 variables (to get started), but we have sites with more than 10 parallel assets and many more variables. i will anyway try to set this up as you propose, see what it gives. Just to be clear, this "golden profiles" asset, what exactly means all variables? - does this mean i no longer use the asset tree structure? -or do i create one golden profile per asset? thank you
  4. The idea is we define a golden batch profile for one or more assets, defined by asset trees. Golden batch would be a reference profile+/-SD, for the batches performing as expected Through a button on top we would be capable of selecting other variables from that asset, running in the range defined, with the same calculations. (see example attached) At the moment, this has to be set up manually and perhaps in different workbenches to run properly. it would be a great troubleshooting possibility
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