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Calculation for an asset group

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i've created the following asset group:



i would like to define a formula (reference profile), that takes the attribute (airflow, CPR), etc) as input signal and specified input condition.

if i try to write it, i need to specify the signal for each row. i was wondering if there is a way to write a formula that takes the column items as input condition and the rows as input signal automatically.


thank you

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Hi MArgarida,

If I am understanding you correctly, you are looking to create reference profiles in an asset group where some of the columns in the group are the input condition, apply to condition, and the signal itself? If so, once you have added the respective input conditions and signal columns, you can add a new column that is a calculated item (reference profile) that references the respective conditions and signal columns. Once you configure the one calculation, the remaining rows in that column will auto populate. 


Example of formula for reference profile in asset group: 

Note that you can also select the apply to all other assets if you go back and add additional rows and want to apply for formula after. 


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