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  1. Problem statement: I created an average temperature signal during Condition 1 which is the signal of interest (Orange signal). I want a signal that display the average temperature signal until the next Condition 1 capsule starts (Green condition). During the inverse of Condition 1 (Magenta condition), I would like the signal to show the last value of temperature signal last at the end of Condition 1. Step 1: Display the required signal an conditions as per problem statement. Step 2: Enter the following formula in the formula editor and hit Execute. ((0.tosignal()).splice($AvgTStg1,$Condition1)).splice($Temperature.aggregate(endValue(), $Condition1.removeLongerThan(40h), endKey()).tostep(),$Cond1Inverse) Result: Cursor #1: Average temperature during Condition 1 Cursor #2: Temperature value at the end of Condition 1 during Condition 1 - Inverse
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