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  1. Addition and subtraction calculation involving signals with relative scale such as temperature is explained in the Units of measurement (UOM) KB article here. What happens when unitless scalar is introduced in calculation with unitful signal? In the example below, mathematically Signal 1, 55.47% is equivalent to Signal 2, 0.5547. However, the result is different when Signal 1 and Signal 2 each add scalar value of 5. Signal 1 (with % UOM) 55.47% + 5 = 60.47% Signal 2 (Unitless) 0.5547 + 5 = 5.5547
  2. Hi, I think the easiest way to insert content from workbench worksheet into organizer topic is using the point and click approach. You could click the Select All button instead of selecting one at a time. Alternatively, you could try the attached script which basically push all content from worksheet to an organizer topic. This needs to be installed as add on. Here is the guide to install add on. https://support.seeq.com/space/KB/961675391/Add-on+Tool+Administration+and+Development I suggest you to try out the script and modify as required. Best regards, Chris Chin Push WB Worksheets into Topic.ipynb
  3. Problem statement: I created an average temperature signal during Condition 1 which is the signal of interest (Orange signal). I want a signal that display the average temperature signal until the next Condition 1 capsule starts (Green condition). During the inverse of Condition 1 (Magenta condition), I would like the signal to show the last value of temperature signal last at the end of Condition 1. Step 1: Display the required signal an conditions as per problem statement. Step 2: Enter the following formula in the formula editor and hit Execute. ((0.tosignal()).splice($AvgTStg1,$Condition1)).splice($Temperature.aggregate(endValue(), $Condition1.removeLongerThan(40h), endKey()).tostep(),$Cond1Inverse) Result: Cursor #1: Average temperature during Condition 1 Cursor #2: Temperature value at the end of Condition 1 during Condition 1 - Inverse
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