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  1. Is there an easier/quicker way of changing the names of signals that are tags that have been imported from the data base, other than using the formula tool... Thanks,
  2. Hi, The raw data I've imported has a really long and complex tag name which is displayed in the lane of the graph, I would like to shorten the name for the data but I can't, how can I change the name, I've tried label and customize but there's no option for that there... Thanks,
  3. Oh i see, my apologies, changing from no to yes in interactive has altered the dates now, thank you!
  4. Hi, I'm unsure which version I have but i've changed my language in chrome which gives me what i need in the work sheet (see image below), but then when i insert the link for this graph in organiser it reverts back still (see image under).... Is there another way i can fix this as i've already changed my language in chrome settings
  5. This works on the worksheet but not on the organiser, is there a way to change organiser too?
  6. This has worked perfectly! thank you very much :)
  7. Hi, I work in Australia and seeq is set up to use American date formats, i.e. mm/dd/yyyy rather that dd/mm/yyyy, I was wondering how to change this format on the x axis, as it automatically comes up with that format, is there an option in settings? Similarly, I would like to change the time to 24hr time rather than 12hr time. Thank you.
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