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  1. Hi, I have an use case where I need to calculate aggregated value of every n-samples and replace the samples with the aggregated value in case the difference between the sample and aggregated value is greater than certain threshold.
  2. When I tried pulling it the result showed "Not a Signal, Condition or Scalar - skipping". Alternatively I can create a signal from condition and can pull the data. However I have already calculated many scorecard metrics formulae, I was wondering if there is any workaround to pull them using DataLab?
  3. Hi Teddy, is this option available now in the SEEQ (R51.0.4) without a DataLab? Otherwise can you also please add me to the feature request, so that I can get an update if it rolled out in the newer versions? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I was importing a signal data from a CSV file and I wanted to make it global and not just limited this particular workbench. I was aware checking the ‘Available in all workbooks' option works, but I wasn't able to find that option anywhere in the R51.0.4 version (I have an admin access as well). Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong or if this feature not available in the current version? Is there any alternative to do this as well?
  5. Hi Joanna, I was trying to insert a "Current Workstep" link that is created from the Journal as shown below.
  6. I was wondering if we can insert the current workstep in the organizer. Alternatively I have inserted the worksheet in its current form into the organizer and avoided selecting update from the worksheet option. Having the feature to insert "current workstep" link can used during editing the organizers or reloading of broken organizer plots.
  7. I was wondering if there is any workaround to plot vertical line for Average capsule duration on a capsule view trend? Or any solution similar would also help.
  8. Hi, I was wondering if I can be able to create new signals in the existing Asset tree? The existing asset tree is created from connecting to a Postgres server or can also be from a SEEQ's agent.
  9. I was wondering if there is any way or a workaround to display a scatter plot between two calculated signals from the asset signals, scale the calculated signals to all the assets and display a scatter plot color coded based on the assets?
  10. Where should I modify the "display_items", is it an argument in spy.push() function? or should I include a column "display_items" in my metadata and give the value as "True" for the signals I need to trend?
  11. "Test_Workbook" - created by "UserA" and added "UserB" with all permissions. If "UserB" tries to spy.push(data,metadata,workbook='Test_Workbook', worksheet='test'), it creates a new workbook "Test_Workbook" and the owner is "UserB". Is there a way that "UserB" can push a new worksheet in the existing workbook "Test_Workbook" created by "UserA"?
  12. By default only top 10 signals are displayed in the worksheet when we do a spy.push. Is there a way to increase the limit? and what is the max number of signals that can be plotted on a single worksheet?
  13. Hi, I was wondering how can I increase the limit on allowed samples while uploading the signals and samples from a CSV file.
  14. Hi, Is there are special way to treat the objects types in my dataframe before using spy.push. I face issues while pushing when my dataframe contains object datatype values. I got the following error. HTTP response body: {"statusMessage":"Cannot change the value unit of measure from \u0027\u0027 to \u0027string\u0027."} Thanks, Sivaji
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