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Creating a Compliance Scorecard

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This is a question that came into our Support system today that I thought a number of our users might find interesting. 

Question - I have a signal that is calculating a number of equipment events and I want to create a scorecard with our total compliance to our procedures showing % Compliance per week / month / year

For this example we are going to use the Area A -> Compressor Power example data and create a scorecard judging our compliance with our policy that the compressor has to turn on ever day. 

Step I - Create a metric that measures if you met your compliance requirement. In this case I will use the Signal from Condition tool to calculate the max compressor power per day. 


Step 2 - Turn your KPI into a daily 0-100% score in Formula. In our case we are going to say that as long as the max KW per day was greater than 1 kW we are going to consider that a complying event. This step will be different for your calculations be the end result need to be a 1-0 signal with a sample for each compliance period (days in this example). Using the pattern 


 will clip the signal at 1. The second part of the formula converts things into 0-100% which will make our scorecards looks nice



Step 3 - Create the scorecard and average all of your 0-100% samples over the reporting period of interest. The reporting period can be created using the Periodic Conditions tool 


To create different weekly or yearly compliance simply create another Condition in the periodic condition tool and generate another Scorecard. Multiple scorecards can then be combined into a Topic to create a like updating report that looks a bit like the following using Scorecard thresholds to color the values based on your preferences. 


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