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Creating Asset Specific Training Ranges for Predictions

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  • Super Seeqer

Using some of the new Asset Group features in R52 we can easily create unique prediction training ranges for each asset. In this example we are going to create three separate training ranges for three assets. 

Step 1 - Find the assets you want to model with your prediction and add them to a new asset group 


Step 2 - Create a Manual Condition for each asset with your desired training range for each particular asset. These training ranges can be as simple as single capsules or as complex as a Manual Condition combined with a mode of operation condition. 


Step 3 - Add the manual conditions to your asset group as a new "Training Range" column 


Step 4 - Create the prediction using the signals and the condition from the asset group. Key points in the prediction tool is to make sure that you select a wide training window that encompasses the ranges of all the individual assets. Under the advanced section select the training range condition we created in Step 3. You now have a Temperature Model signal that you can "swap" across all assets in your group with different training ranges in on each of the assets. 


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