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View Trends only While Asset is Running

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Here is a nice a simple example from a question emailed in this morning.


I am using Seeq to review data from a pump. The pump has a speed set point trend and a trend for when the pump is running. How can I modify the trends to show the pump speed only when running.

This can be accomplished in a couple of minutes using a combination of Value Search to create a condition that captures our "Pump Running" state and Chain view to filter our trends to only those "Pump Running" time periods 

Step 1 - Create a condition that captures your event of interest. In our simple example that will be whenever the Stage tag is != to "OFF". This step can be much more complex and use the full range of tools in the "Identify" category to refine your search to exactly the periods relevant to your analysis.


Step 2 - Switch to Chain View and zoom to range you want to look at. You can also now add any other signals that might be of interest to view in the context of your "Running" condition


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