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Tracking Down the Origin of a Long Running Request

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A great question came in today through the support portal and I wanted to share the current best practice workflow. 


On my Server I see some long running requests. How can I figure out which Workbook/Topic these requests are originating from so I can help optimize / troubleshoot the calculations

In the admin panel for long running requests you can click on the (+) icon and get some important additional information. For our workflow the most important of these categories is the formula Parameters. This will take the form of "series = <id>" or something similar 


Copy the ID from this field and open up the API Reference from the upper right hand corner. If there are multiple IDs in the parameter field pick the first. 

In the API Reference Docs navigate to the Items/<id> Endpoint and paste your ID from the step above and click the "Try it Out" button. 


Scroll down to the Scoped To section of the response and copy the <id>. This is the ID of the workbook that the calculation is scoped to 


The final step is to copy the workbook ID from the Step above into the get Workbooks/ID endpoint 


The response from this endpoint will contain a bunch of information but the most important pieces will probably be the document owner, workbook location & workbook namescreenshot-explore.seeq.com-2021.06.18-10_55_48.png

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