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Run Duration Signal to Equivalent Condition

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  • Super Seeqer

Another interesting question through the support portal this morning. The user has a signal where each discrete point represents the run length recorded at the end of the run. They would like to translate this signal into a condition so it can be used for further analysis. 

The original signal looks a bit like this 


 To create the matching condition we need to use a transform and the ToCapsules() function

$Signal.toCapsules(                           //for each sample in the signal create a capsule
    $sample ->                                //create a variable name of your choice to reference each indivudal sample in your signal
       capsule(                               //open the capsule 
           $sample.key()-$sample.value(),     //Capsule Start definition (Key = timestamp of the sample  - value of the sample) 
           $sample.key()                      //Capsule End definition (timestamp of the sample)
                   ),5d)                      //Maximum length of any given capsule in the condition




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