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Filling missing data

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Hi experts,

Could someone advise please:

I have a signal with missing data and tried to fill the missed data gap. it's a straight forward line as you see in the attachment.

I use the $signal.setMaxInterpolation(4weeks) formula, but the produced signal is looking similar to the original one with no interpolation.

did I missed something with the interpolation.

Thanks in advance




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Hi Yassine,

it might be that there are invalid values in this timeframe. You can try to change your formula to $as32.validValues(). This will remove invalid values from the signal and interpolation should work again. If the gap is greater than the max interpolation setting you can use $as32.validValues().setMaxInterpolation(4weeks) which first removes invalid values and then changes the max interpolation of the signal.



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  • Super Seeqer

One additional option here is to hold the last valid value until a new one appears. The formula below allows you to mix in step interpolation characteristics for gaps into a linearly interpolated signal. 

$gaps = $signal.isNotValid().removeLongerThan(30d).move(-1ns,0)

$holdSignal = $signal.aggregate(startValue(),$gaps,durationkey())



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