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Creating a Condition to Capture Signal Changes over a Specific Time Interval

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Question through the support channel 


I want to create a condition to catch when my density increased or decreased by more than X kg/m3 within 15 minutes

Great use case which can be captured in a two quick steps 

Step 1 - Create a signal in the Formula tool with your custom aggregation. In this case we are going to use the periods() function to create capsules every 15 minutes and the delta() function to plot the change indensity from the start of the 15minute capsule to the end of the 15 minute capsule. Another alternative is to use the range() function which would return the absolute min - max of any values within the 15 minute interval.

$myInterval = 15min

$delta = $signal.aggregate(delta(),periods($myInterval),durationkey())



Step 2 - Create a Value Search to identify the periods of interest where the density change signal exceeds your desired threshold


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