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Archiving/Removing an Asset Tree built from Spy.Assets()

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Refer to 

for deleting a tree and all of its items using SPy. The method detailed below will disassociate all items within a tree, but the members will still be searchable within the Data tab.


Sometimes you want to clean up and remove an asset tree built using Seeq Data Lab from a Workbook so that you can restart or do something else. Below is the quickest way to remove an unwanted Tree 

Step 1 - In Workbench click in the info icon for the Asset Tree screenshot-explore.seeq.com-2021.07.28-15_28_11.png

Step 2 - Copy the ID value to your clipboard. This may be located in a different place or under the advanced subsection in prior versions of Seeq


Step 3 - Open the API Reference page from the Menu in the upper right corner 


Step 4 - Navigate down to the Trees/assets/{id} delete endpoint expand it, paste in the ID you copied in Step 2 and then click the Try it Out button 


 You should receive a 200 confirmation response code and your Tree will no longer show up in your workbench analysis. 



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