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Using a Scheduled Notebook to Upload Data from a Web API

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Starting in Seeq Version R52 Data Lab notebooks can be run on a schedule which opens up a world of new interesting possibilities. One of those possibilities is to create a simple script that pulls data from a Web API source and pushes it into the Seeq data cache on a schedule. This can be a great way to prototype out a data connection prior to building a full featured connector using the Connector SDK

This example notebook pulls from the USGS which has information on river levels, temperatures, turbidity etc and pushes those signals for multiple sites into the Seeq system. The next logical step would be to make a notebook to organize these signals into an asset tree. 

Curious to see what this inspires other to do and to connect to. If there are additional public resources of interest put them in the thread for ideas.


 USGS Upload Example.ipynb

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