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Importing Electric Time of Day Pricing

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Great question today from the support channel that I wanted to share along with a helpful spreadsheet. 


I am looking for a little direction on the best way to code time of day electricity pricing into seeq. Do you have any examples of how this could be most efficiently done?

As much as I spend my days getting people out of Excel, sometimes it comes in really handy for creating signals from lookup tables. Attached to this Post is an excel sheet I put together where you can input a rate schedule and pricing tiers for Summer/Winter and On/Mid/Off peak pricing. The last sheet in the excel file is setup to be exported to CSV which can then be quickly imported back into Seeq for use in analysis and integration anywhere it would be helpful. 

Step 1 - In the excel sheet fill out the Lookup Tables sheet to match your utility rate schedule


Step 2 - Export the "Output Table - Save as CSV"  to a new CSV file  


Step 3 - Import to Seeq using the Import CSV tool making sure to fill out your timezone, Step interpolation, unit of measure ($) and under optional settings you may want to add the "Lenient daylight Savings" option to ignore those pesky clock changes. 


Electric Tier Pricing Worksheet.xlsx

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  • Super Seeqer

There is also a way to complete this inside of Seeq Formula. As a warning as rates change over the years these formulas could get longer and longer as you splice in new rate schedules against old rate schedules. 

Below is a formula for a rate schedule with a Winter Rate & Summer Off/Mid/High Rates. You could expand this to weekends and weekdays as well if needed 

$Summer = periods(6months, 1year, "2020-05-01T00:00:00","US/Pacific")
$Winter = periods(6months, 1 year, "2020-11-01T00:00:00","US/Pacific").setProperty('Rate',0.10)

$SummerHighPeak = (shifts(16, 5, "US/Pacific") and $Summer).setProperty('Rate',0.18)
$SummerMidPeak = (shifts(14, 2,"US/Pacific") and $Summer).setProperty('Rate',0.16)
$SummerOffPeak = ($Summer -($SummerHighPeak or $SummerMidPeak)).setProperty('Rate',0.12)

$AllPeriods = CombineWith($Winter, $SummerHighPeak, $SummerMidPeak, $SummerOffPeak)



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