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I wanted to display the Batch ID of each batch in each given reactor in the treemap view, but was having trouble as the treemap doesn't seem to accept strings and the Batch ID data is in the form of "000000000-000-000".

I was wondering if there was any way to solve this problem. I thought of two possible solutions, but was unsure how to implement them.

1. Convert the Batch ID data from string form ("000000000-000-000") to integer form ("000000000000000") and then run it through treemap as treemap accepts integers.

2. Code it in such a way that the treemap accepts the string (unsure about this one).

Please let me know if you can help. Either solution would be fine.

Screenshot (30).png

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  • Seeq Team

Hi Rohan,

For now you will have to use your first approach. You can use the formula below to convert your string signal to a numeric signal to display. 

$dashedstring.transform(($p, $c) -> sample($c.key(),$c.value().replace('-', '')))

I was inspired by this seeq.org post and made some minor adjustments in the replace() for your use case with dashes interrupting what is otherwise a number.

In a future release (R55), strings will also display Value at Start, Value at End, or Count in Treemap (strings displayed with Example data shown below). This release will not be available for several months, so in the mean time you will need to use the approach above. Thanks for reaching out!



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