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Export of multiple discrete data (orginating from condition to signal) with missing values on common daily grid

Filip L

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I have computed a number daily averaged values via the signal from condition tool using the average operator and the daily bounding condition. They are positioned as discrete data at the start of the interval. Some days have missing values for some of the variables due to start-up, sensor faults, ... Others days don't have data at all due to turnarounds, .... (see figure below)

Now I want to export all variables together to xls on a common grid with a 1 day interval for a longer period (e.g., 2 years).  Using the export button allows to select:

1. Automatic gridding period

2. Custom gridding period (here selected as 1day)

3. Ungridded original time stamps.

Option 1 and 2 result in the warning "This signal could not be automatically gridded because it is not interpolated. You can either turn gridding off or set maxInterpolation to a value greater than zero." and empty data columns.

Option 3 gives full data columns but for each variable with its own time stamp columns which requires matiching the timestamps afterwards. This is quite a job because of the number of tags and can be error prone.

Any advice how to tackle this question for exporting these values on a common custom grid?

Many thanks in advance!













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