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A capsule between two different capsules

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  • Seeq Team

Hi Javad Kondori, 

This can be achieved by using Composite Condition tools. Select combination method of Join. Please make sure you uncheck "Inclusive of A" and "Inclusive of B" in order to create capsule between A and B.

You can also refer to this example on how to use composite condition with join function: 


Hope this answer your question. 

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Hi Siti Tay,
Thanks a lot for your help and answer,

There are two problems for using the Join with unchecking "Inclusive of A" and "Inclusive of B":
1- I have different size of capsules 1 hr to 5 hr. When I increase the amount of maximum capsule 
duration, Capsule C starts from capsule A that is one before the left side of C, see below:

A=amount of maximum capsule duration=2hr (I could not see a capsule between A1 and B1)
B=amount of maximum capsule duration=3hr (Now, Capsule C is incorrect)

I want something to join just two different capsules (A,B) before and after a capsule for any duration When capsule A is before B.

2-also in join, I have to select two different capsules, Sometimes I have to find capsule C between two capsules A when the duration is less than a certain amount.

Thanks again,


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  • Seeq Team

Hi Javad, 

Here are the steps to get Condition C: 

Step 1: Create ''Condition C1'' by joining ''Condition A'' and ''Condition B'' using this formula :

$a.afterEnd(0ns).join($b.beforeStart(0ns), 40h, false)



Step 2: Create ''Condition C2'' using inverse function in formula and specify the duration. For example 10 min. Only capsule shorter than 10 min will be returned. 



Step 3. Combine ''Condition C1'' and ''Condition C2'' using CombineWith function in formula

combineWith($C1, $C2)


Let me know if this works. 

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