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Percentage Temporal Progress of a Signal


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Hello everybody,


I have a signal (e.g. of a valve) that is 1.0 for being open and 0 for being closed. I would like to calculate the percentage temporal progress of this signal during the 1.0 period. Please refer to the figure I added.

-> In the end I would like to create a signal that shows me the temporal percentage progress every time the signal valve opens (i.e. the signal becomes 1.0).

Thank you.



seeq question.png

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Hi Matthias,

you can try this:

First, calculate the duration of each capsule using "Signal from Condition" tool:

Then you can use timesince() to calculate the percentage value over the duration and also splice() to insert it into the base signal of 0% everytime the condition is met:

0%.splice(timesince($condition.removeLongerThan(40h), 1min)/$duration, $condition)


Did I understand your question correctly?



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