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Accessing the display properties of a worksheet


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I am building some custom workbooks after carrying out data analysis using Datalab. There are some properties of a worksheet I would like to set using Python but can't find a reference document listing all the properties that can be accessed.

I know about:

 workstep.view ='Trend'

 workstep.display_range = {'Start': '2021-11-11T00:00:00', 'End': '2021-12-12T00:00:00'}

 workstep.display_items = push_result (of signals and conditions)

What are the workstep. commands for Chain view, setting the capsule label based on a custom property or toggling a button like dimming? Is there a big list for R54 of all the accessible properties?




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  • Seeq Team

Hi Stephen,

At this time it is not possible in a supported way via SPy to manipulate these aspects of your display. The worksheet properties that can be modified are display_items, display_range, scatter_plot_series (items displayed in scatter plot), scorecard_date_display, scorecard_date_format (for pre-51 Seeq versions), table_date_display, table_date_format, table_mode (R52+ Seeq), time_zone, and the view (Table, Trend, Treemap, etc.). There are ways to manipulate other worksheet properties by editing the workstep data but those methods may no longer work in future Seeq versions if we change things on the backend as we introduce new features. If you would like assistance in seeing how these particular properties you mentioned can be changed, please send a request to support@seeq.com.

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