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Count Steps in a capsule


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Trying to count step within a capsule. What I consider steps as any step UP value change which is more than 1000 lbs.

Example image attached. Any help would be appreciated.



2022-01-15 19_09_01- Seeq.png

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  • Seeq Team

I do not have access to your original signal for testing, so my solution not handle all the unusual characteristics that may occur. But I believe the approach below will help you get going on this calculation.

1. I would first recommend you create a clean weight signal that uses the remove() function to eliminate small decreases in the weight signal due to measurement noise and equipment variation. (This first step makes step 2 work accurately, because in step 2 we will be looking for the weight to go above 2000, 3000, 4000, etc., and we don't want noise variation from say 3002 lb to 2999 lb at the next sample, to appear to be a step decrease.)

Create a clean weight signal using the formula below. This should result in a weight signal that only increases during the normal rampups, but still resets to 0 when the next rampup processing begins. Note that the 1hr inside of toStep() is the maximum interpolation between data values; set this based on your preferences. 



2. Create the Step Counting Signal by dividing the clean weight (step 1 result) by 1000 and using the floor function to generate an integer result.




3. For an example signal that I tested with, you can see the Step Counting Signal incrementing as each 1000 lb increment is exceeded. Depending on your final analysis goals, further calculations could of course be done to calculate/report the number of steps completed for each of your original purple capsules or to do other types of statistics. 




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