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How to read Sharepoint CSV/excel in seeq data lab

Akshaykumar SOnune

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I'm trying to make automation to read the daily updated file in data Lab. However, as per current way, I need to manually upload the daily updated file in seeq data lab interface. Is there a possible way where I can read my csv file from sharepoint address?? 

  • I already tried using below method but giving error of authentication. And, to remove this authentication error, I have given edit access to everyone in organization for this file. 

url= "https://company.sharepoint.com/sites/dailyupdatedfile.csv"

sharepoint_file= pd.read_csv(url)

  • Another approach I tried was using sharepy library but still not able to access it. Getting error "module 'sharepy' has no attribute 'auth'"

import requests
import sharepy

auth = sharepy.auth.SharePointOnline(username="abc@company.com")
r = requests.get("https://company.sharepoint.com", auth= auth)

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  • Seeq Team

Ultimately this depends on the network setup and what your IT department may allow. If Data Lab is hosted in your company's network, it may be possible to get access to and directly pull from SharePoint, but would likely need to be provided access through the firewalls by IT to get there. If Data Lab is hosted as SaaS, it is unlikely that an IT department would allow that access into their network.

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