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Copy a worksheet to a different workbook

Yanmin Xu

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Hi Seeq!

I am wondering if I can do the following:

1) copy or move one worksheet from one WorkBench Analysis to ANOTHER Workbench Analysis? I know I can duplicate one worksheet within the same workbench analysis but that is not what I need.

2) Duplicate the formula multiple times. I am thinking if there is a way to duplicate the formula 10 times, or do I have to do it one by one.



Thanks for your help. 



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  • Seeq Team

Hello Yanmin, 

1) Currently, there is no way to copy an entire worksheet from one workbench to another. You can see this thread for additional discussion about it: 

I would advise reporting your use case to support@seeq.com and our Customer Success team can potentially help implement a workaround given Seeq Data Lab and a version prerequisite, as well as get you and your organization linked to the Feature Request for that item. 

You might also consider using this solution for copying some items from 1 Workbench to another, but keep in mind the scoping of those items remain to the original and they will still be linked (simply a copy, not a clone of the original): 



2) Similarly to item #1, the only method to duplicate formulas via the UI is one at time per the method you're showing. Seeq Data Lab and Python would allow you to programmatically copy Formulas though. 

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