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Difficulty adding data to previously imported signal via csv import

Filip L

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a general question. I have difficulty adding data via csv import to a signal that was previously created via csv import. It seems that each a new signal is created. See in attach for the switching times signal.

How can I solve this? I just want to add data to the already existing signal ...

Many thanks in advance and beste regards







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  • Seeq Team

Hello Filip,

When you want to add data to an already existing signal, you will want to find your original imported file in the Seeq Data tab, and click the edit button (circled in red below):


You will then be able to drag a new file for import, and you will notice that you now have Replace and Append options (see an example I did below):



You can choose to replace or append. I think this will solve your problem. If it does not, please let me know. Some additional information on adding new data to an existing imported signal can be found here in our Knowledge Base: Knowledge Base: CSV Import Replace and Append




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