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Organizer Topic color palette

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What happened to the color palette in Organizer Topics? 

It appears half the colors are gone, including most of the subtle ones, along with the field to enter a hex code for any color 

Remaining colors are very bold, like a child's building block set, not really suitable as a quiet background for a data table or trend

Organizer Topic Color Palette.png

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  • Seeq Team

Hi Adam,

We've made some changes to Organizer Topics to grow overall functionality, like more font options, inline Date and Asset Labels, and richer content in the future to replace the current fixed images. In addition to these 15 default colors in the palette color picker, you can also enter text into the color box that is a HEX code like the earlier versions supported (see image below where I've entered a light blue HEX code to color the table). 

While I hope this helps you make a better looking table in the short term, I'm noting you'd like a different set of colors out the gate with easier access. I'll create a feature request on your behalf. 

Thanks for your feedback!



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