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How to get a capsule that spans the display range?

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I'd like to calculate the average of a signal in a display range, and then use that average value in subsequent calculations. I'd like the calculation to be dynamic, so if I adjust my display range, the average and all subsequent calculations should re-calculate.

The averages for my signals show up in the Details pane, and I can also use a simple Metric to calculate and display the average, but I can't figure out how to access those values in a formula.


I found an older post from 2019 that says it's currently not possible to use a Metric in a subsequent calculation:

The suggested workaround is "we recommend first using signal from condition to do the calculation of the parameter, then referencing your signal from condition in the scorecard metric tool"

But I'm not sure how to limit a condition to my display range. Is there a special capsule I could use that spans only the display range?

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  • Seeq Team

Hello Siang,

Currently, simple type scorecard metrics can't be used in Seeq Formula. We have recently added some functionality for using condition type scorecard metrics in Formula, but that will not help you in this use case.

Your request to get a display range capsule is a good one and is already on our feature request list for our development team.

For now, your best method is to create a Manual Condition, and add a capsule to the Manual Condition that is your current display range, to create a Display Range Condition. You can then use the Display Range Condition with Signal from Condition to calculate a signal representing the average (or other desired statistics) over the display range. That signal can be used in additional Formulas and calculations. 

When you want to change your analysis to a new display range, you will of course need to take one extra step to edit the Manual Condition and update it to match the current display range. 


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