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Delete Worksheets and/or asset tree via SDL?


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Hi there,

I have a jupyter notebook to set up and comb through some data and set up a custom asset tree and workbook on a regular basis.  This asset tree is new every interval, but currently it just adds the new assets to the ones that were created on the previous interval, basically like appending a list.  What I'd like is to completely delete the asset tree from the last interval and start over.  This can easily be done through the seeq interface, but I'd like to have it code based in SDL so I can just re-run my jupyter notebook every week and get the workbook I need.  Thanks for any help! 

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I have "been there done that!"   Now there is an archive parameter which when set to True will only keep the items from your push the unwanted "append" will not occur.  Instead it will give you exactly what you are pushing and archive the rest.

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The issue I have with this, is that I have a 'workbook' type that I'm pushing also, and I get this error back...the workbook contains the display parameters I want 

SPy Error: Items in metadata must all belong to the same asset tree when parameter 'archive' is True.


Any ideas on a work around?  I don't know if there is a way to push the display asset separately to the workbook or something?  Still learning how the asset trees work! 

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