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How do I install the Seeq Open Source Add-ons?

Joe Reckamp

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  • Seeq Team

We often get asked how to install the Add-ons from the open-source Seeq Add-on Gallery (https://seeq12.github.io/gallery/).

First, you'll need a Seeq administrator for your company as an administrator is required to install a new Add-on. Then, each Add-on has specific instructions linked it's documentation page linked from the Add-on Gallery. For example, you can click on the "Documentation for Correlation Add-on" to get to the documentation for the Correlation Add-on:

On the left hand side, there's an installation section:


From there, simply ensure all the requirements are met and follow the instructions listed:


If you run into any issues or want to file a feature request, use the GitHub page also linked from the Seeq Add-on Gallery to file an issue:


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