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What is the retention on Seeq Data Lab pushed data?


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In my example, I have a python script that pushes data to a Worksheet within a WorkBench.

I see the data is stored under the category "Seeq Data Lab".

I was wondering, are there any storage retention limitations to data pushed using SEEQ Data Lab?

Also, where does this data get stored?

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  • Seeq Team

Hi Nate,

There are currently no storage retention limitations on such data. Seeq stores this data in its main data storage area (along with workbook definitions, calculation definitions etc). Seeq is not meant to be a "system of record" for pushed data -- we recommend that you always retain the ability to recreate this data from original sources if necessary. But to be clear, Seeq will currently not pare down this data using any sort of retention policy.


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