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Connect via Python (seeq sdk) to Seeq API via access_key


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access keys cannot be used to authenticate sdk.  User has to use spy.login() method and pass access key.  Then run “from seeq import sdk” and instantiate various endpoints like shown below for Items end point as an example.  spy.client is the authentication command here:

items_api = sdk.ItemsApi(spy.client)
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Thanks alot guys for you help. Working now


from seeq import spy
from seeq import sdk
spy.login(access_key="CagR-n4oQGqjlAb7e6fr3B", password="Ec9DaXnSXgaG969cjkv4d4iGdGiAah" ,url="https://myseeqserver")
items_api = sdk.ItemsApi(spy.client)

# f.e.


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