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Is there a way to push a "None" value to a workbook?


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I pushed data to a signal using spy.push.

I tried to overwrite / 'erase' the pushed results by passing a None value for that particular timestamp.

However, when I push the results, I still see the previous values pushed.

Now, I can push new values to that particular timestamp and it will be overridden, but None values doesn't appear to work.

Note, in order to push the None values without erroring out, I had to pass the metadata.


Is there a way to overwrite previously pushed data with 'None' values?

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  • Seeq Team

If you check out the docstring for the spy.push function, you should see an option for "replace". If you set the values to np.NaN and then push with the replace around the timestamps you want to remove, you should be able to remove that data in those time frames.

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