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Signal filtration with capsule for formula


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Hello, I'm trying to create a formula and for that I need include only period when drive work. 

Drive Load - 1st signal (ex. $DLC )

Drive work - 2nd signal (ex.  $DWC two possible option ACTIVE/INACTIVE)

1) Created a Capsule ($C) which analyze $DWC on ACTIVE. 

How can I filtrate $DLC, what I need to do is leave only those periods when $DWC is ACTIVE

Can I do it with .keep operator?

Trying to do it according to this 


Seeq Version R22.0.46 introduces the .keep() Formula operator for filtering a condition based on capsule properties.  In the original post, the following Formula was used to generate a new condition that only has capsules where the Value property is equal to OFF:

Prior to R22.0.46:


With Seeq Version 22.0.46, the same result is achieved using the simpler keep() function syntax:

Version R22.0.46 and later

$condition.keep('Value', isEqualTo('Stage 1'))

  $sample -> $sample.value() != 'T4A')


Must be easy to done, but I can't figure it out.

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