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Button to switch to the journal Viewing mode seems to be gone / stuck in the Journal Editing mode?

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Dear all,

this may seem a silly question ... and hopefully it has a simple answer.

In the Journal, I don't see the 'viewing' button any more such that I am stuck in the 'editing' mode. As a result I cannot go back to previous views saved as links in the journal.

I never experienced this before ... but it seems to be after the upgrade to  R56 1.4. Has something changed? Any experiences, help , ...

Many thanks



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  • Seeq Team

Hi Filip,

In the Release Notes, you should see that it mentions this change (see excerpt below). You should still be able to click on the links to move to the previous views even in edit mode.

Workbench Analysis Editor Changes

In R55.0.0, the journal will no longer be able to be toggled from edit mode to view mode. When the analysis is in edit mode the journal will always be in edit mode, and when the analysis is in view only mode the journal will be in view only mode.

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Hello Joe,

I was not aware of that info. Now, when hovering over the link that is depicted in the snip, the link doesn't get 'clickable'. I can select the entire link and then via the right mouse button select to open it in a new tab. However, then the new tab is automatically re-reouted to my blue seeq home screen and not to the analysis that used to be attached to the link ... .

So I am still not able to open my previously stored analyses in the links at the moment ... I don't know whether this is related to the particular system I am working on? Any help or support would be very much appreciated. 




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